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"I loved it. A well-written and engaging novel ... of love lost and forgiveness found, set [in] beautiful Cape Cod ... with characters ... with juicy flaws, spunky dialogue, and strong inner compasses." -- Reedsy Discovery Review


“A cleverly written tale that delivers a riveting plot wrapped in a tightly-paced narrative … filled with … wonderfully flawed characters who stay with you long after the last page.” -- Karoline Barrett, author of Bun for Your Life, Raisin the Dead

“A compelling read, Behind The Fourth Wall is one man’s emotional journey from the depths of despair." -- Jeanie Roberts, author of The Heron


"Powerful and poignant, with mystical elements … A five star read that tears at your heartstrings." -- Liz Berg, author of Jewish Folk Tales in Britain and Ireland


"Behind the Fourth Wall is an entertaining story of healing, love, and forgiveness, wrapped up in the intriguing world of live theatre." -- Sublime Book Review


"If you like … the magic of theatre and magical realism … this is the book for you!" -- Judith Pratt, author of Siljeea Magic


"Go inside the exclusive world of … theater … as a playwright struggles with unimaginable loss and mysterious redemption. Solomowitz writes with the authority and expertise necessary to make an incredible story powerfully real." -- Ben Sharpton, author of The Awakening of Jim Bishop: This Changes Things

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