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Journalist / Blogger

Satisfaction -- Looking Back, the Stones had it Right

Are you satisfied with life? Get everything you wanted? Here's someone who may have gotten just what he needed.

Words of Advice from Stephen Sondheim ... Move On

Sondheim's lasting legacy to writers, musicians and artists from Sunday in the Park with George.

The Secrets to Getting Your Novel Published: How I Became A Traditionally Published Author

Want to find a publisher for your novel? Here are the 10 lessons I learned on my way to getting my first novel published.

On Turning 64: The Beatles Were In Their 20s When They Recorded That Damn Song

Deconstructing the lyrics to When I'm 64 and the awareness of reaching that age.

Have We Reached Our Cosmic Crossroads?

The August meteor shower has sparked an alarming concern over Climate Change and the future of our planet.

Can You Really Go Home Again?
Like Emerald City, Coney Island Beckoned

Was Thomas Wolfe right? A return trip to my Brooklyn roots gave me my answer.


Writing A Masterpiece: Some of us were too busy collecting baseball cards

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony made me wish I had picked up the guitar more and left my baseball cards in the box.