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Television, Cable TV, Film

Mr. Solomowitz began his career writing scripts for Manhattan Cable TV. After that, he moved to Hollywood and wrote television treatments for Andrew Solt Productions. Several were consigned by the networks and production companies. His own concept, Spinoffs, was considered by CBS TV but, alas, was rejected because of budget limitations. He was then hired as a writer by Jay Weston Productions at Warner Bros. and later worked on several Warner Bros. films and television productions in various capacities.

Conference Writer and Guest Curator

Mr. Solomowitz presented a paper (AMS Press, 2008) at Hofstra University's scholarly conference -- Baseball and the "Sultan Of Swat": Commemorating the 100th Birthday of Babe Ruth. Guests included Hall of Famers Phil Rizzuto, Bob Feller, Harmon Killebrew, and Ralph Kiner, writers George Vecsey, Stan Isaacs, Peter Golenbock, and Robert W. Creamer, "Buck" O'Neil and Julia Ruth Stevens, among others. He also served as Guest Curator for their exhibit: A Century of Babe Ruth at the Hofstra Museum and wrote the catalog. The exhibit featured a prize collection of one-of-a-kind Ruth memorabilia.


While writing articles for magazines, plays for the theater, and several conscientious efforts at a novel, Mr. Solomowitz spent several years earning a living wage as a copywriter on Long Island.